5 “Do’s” When Staying In A Hotel

1. Always Lock Up

It’s easy to feel safe and comfortable once you’re in the room and the “Do Not Disturb” sign is hanging on the door. The unfortunate thing though is that when staying in a hotel most people become less security conscious and break-ins happen or unexpected visitors show up and more. It is very important to always stay security conscious when staying in a hotel. Lock the deadbolt, that’s what its there for. Always call the front desk if there is an unexpected knock at your door. Leave the television on when you leave the room to help ward intruders from breaking in. The little steps you take to make sure you and your loved ones are safe can make a world of difference.

2. Sanitation

Hotel hygiene is so important. There are many different visitors that have stayed in the room before you, and many that will after you. Don’t rush the cleaning staff when there is a late check out, or when you arrive back from an activity and they are cleaning. They are there to keep the room sanitary for all the visitors safety. Take some extra steps to ensure your health is safe by bringing disinfectant wipes to clean the door handles, phones, remotes, etc. Wash your hands regularly, and wash the cups that are in the room before you use them.

Washing hands
Photo Credit: Dakota Local on flickr

3. Always Check Your Expenses

Double check things like the mini bar, wifi rates, telephone usage and room service used before checking out so that you and the hotel staff are all on the same page and aware of what was and was not included in the room rate/what was used so there are no misunderstandings of the the cost of your stay.

4. Turn In Your “Souvenirs”

Although a collection of hotel keys is a cool memento, it’s not cool to the hotel, room keys can be costly. Don’t take towels or robes home with you, though they are cozy and appear to be “free” most hotels will charge you if they are missing from the room. Make sure that all that was in the hotel before you arrived, stays in the hotel when you leave and always turn in all keys that were given to you during your stay.

5. Double Check

Always double check your room to make sure that all your belongings have been packed up and are with you. It would be wise to create a list of the items your brought with you as well as one of the items purchased during your stay so that you can check it off as you pack up and leave. No one likes to get out of the hotel and near home to realize that they left something important or valuable in their room.

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