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-Hiking in Zion-

Zion National Park offers many trails ranging from short "leg-stretcher" walks to strenuous adventures. If you wish to go into the back country it is best to check in at the visitor center in Zion National Park for detailed information on the trails of your choice. Come enjoy the serene beauty of Zion and get lost in nature.
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View from atop of a mountain in Zion National Park

Best trails in Zion

Angels Landing is one of the most famous and popular hikes in the world. Thousands travel from all over to come see this magnificent and beautiful hike. It is a 1,488-foot-tall rock formation. The trail has sheer cliffs on both sides at times, with a guide rail or chain for support. This is a harder trail and is for more experienced hikers and those wanting a thrill and taste of adventurer. 

The Pa 'rus Trail is a newer route that is the only path open to bikes and pets. It is also wheel chair accessible so it is the perfect trail for anyone to enjoy.  It follows the lower section of Zion Canyon and shows the rick contrast of the red rock and thick shrubbery. 

The Weeping Rock Trail is perfect for families with little kids or want a short trail. The trail is the shortest trail in the park and is mostly paved. It is under the shade for a portion of the trial and is a great hike for families with kids or strollers.
The Riverside walk is a wide and paved path and easy to navigate. It travels though patches of Cottonwood trees and near the Virgin River. The trial is an easy and fun trail to enjoy nature.
The Watchman trail this is another great hike for families or those just wanting an easier hike to enjoy. It leads to the Watchman spire a 2,200 feet tall rock outcropping.
The Narrows is one of the most popular hikes in Zion. The hike has a small river flowing though the giant thousand feet tall rock walls. Check in with the visitors center to ensure the water levels are still safe and maneuverable. This hike is for more experienced hikers.


Come hike Zion for the best and some of the most popular hikes in the world. Enjoy the red rock and the different textures ans shades of the stone, only found here in Zion. Travel on the many different trials, ranging from easy to hard hikes and offering amazing scenery on the paths. Hike Zion for the a memorable hike for all.
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Canyon view in Zion National Park