Hiking the Overlook Trail in Zion Canyon

Looking for a quick hike with a fabulous view of Zion National Park? There is a stunning hike that is easy, fun and quite the experience. Overlook Point is by far one of the best hikes for a great sight. This hike is favored among photographers due to how simple it is and how it produces the some of the most breathtaking scenery for photos..

hiking the overlook trail in zion canyon

This hike starts immediately east of the Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel. There will be stone steps that lead upward towards the trail. Along the trail you will see how it was mostly constructed out of the natural slick rock. The trail is pretty easy and not too steep, making this a good hike for little ones and people who cannot participate in hiking more advanced trails. You will know you are about halfway there once you reach the shaded alcove surrounded by lush ferns sprouting from the sandstone walls. As with the beginning of the hike, the last half is fairly easy with a slight incline. Once you reach the viewpoint you will see some metal plaques that will point out several different landmarks. The view from here is by none one of the most spectacular in Zion. Enjoy a bag lunch and relax with the captivating scenery that lay before you. The hike only takes about an hour to complete. Some interesting sights to look out for will include; Bridge Mountain, Route 9 switchbacks, East Temple, and the pine creek stream.

Zion is such a beautiful place and there are so many amazing hikes and scenic places to go. Overlook point will give you a view of the whole park and it is such an easy hike that virtually anyone could do it.


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