Tuweep Update – date posted Sep 8, 2015

Significant moisture over the last 36 hours resulted in damage to roadways including the Toroweap Overlook Rd. Although Toroweap Overlook Rd. remains open to visitors with appropriate vehicles and skills, visitors must negotiate the roads carefully to avoid significant ruts and debris. These can occur in blind areas of the roadway. Puddles are deep but navigable with an appropriate vehicle. High clearance required. Road repairs will be conducted. Visitors should not drive affected roads on the Kanab Plateau or the Vulcan’s Throne Road until at least this weekend or until dryer conditions prevail. Operating a vehicle during muddy conditions which results in significant damage to roadways is prohibited.

A BACKCOUNTRY PERMIT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL CAMPERS WHO WISH TO STAY AT TUWEEP CAMPGROUND. Permit requests can be made on the first of the month four months prior to the proposed start date through the park’s backcountry reservation system. The cost for a Tuweep backcountry permit is a non-refundable charge of $10 per permit plus $8 per group per night.

Tuweep is at High Clearance REQUIRED, its usual condition.

There is a HIGH likelihood for multiple flat tires from sharp rocks. Travel SLOW to mitigate tire damage. Carry multiple spare tires and/or a vehicle air compressor and tire plugs. When available, a tow truck runs $1,000-$2,000+.

When possible, during summer monsoon season travel during the morning hours since storms cycle through in the afternoon and evening.

Be prepared to spend the night in your vehicle in the event you become stuck. Carry sleeping bags, food, and extra water.

Travelers should carry:

  • Extra water, food, and gasoline;
  • Good tires, including at least one usable spare;
  • Parts, tools, and knowledge to handle vehicle and tire repairs including tire plugs and a portable air compressor.

For Tuweep info visit www.nps.gov/grca/planyourvisit/tuweep.htm

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